“Alan Smith 1933 – 2022”

It is with great regret and sadness that we wish to inform our members of the passing of Alan Smith at the age of 89. Alan, one of the founders of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, was a veteran of 17 Olympic Games (nine Summer and eight Winter) and served as the Telegraph Sport […]

New board elected, no more bureau

The ECCO FEI World Championship in Herning 2022 has come, swept us up in a swirl, and is gone again. The IAEJ General Assembly took place in a gap between morning shuttles and the show jumping horse inspection on the 8th of August. There is not much slack time on a championship nowadays and we […]

For members with a Tokyo 2020 accreditation – communication while in Japan

Dear, members The Tokyo 2020 working group sent out a web survey a while back asking all of you about your plans for the Olympic games of Tokyo 2020. From that web survey, we learned among other things that many were previously booked in non-official lodgings or lacked accommodation. We hope that you are now […]

Information from FEI for members with accreditation to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

This memo was sent 2nd of July to members of the press with an accreditation from the FEI for Tokyo 2020.    Dear Member of the Media All accredited persons have been receiving a huge amount of content from Tokyo 2020, almost to the point of saturation, but there is a lot of information and […]

Update from the IAEJ working group Tokyo2020

Dear members, No good news from the IAEJ working group Tokyo2020. We have had another very informative meeting with the FEI’s press department and we can assure everybody that every effort possible being made by the FEI to supply us with the best working circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are, however, very worried but […]

Members going to Tokyo – request for flight information

Published on Tokyo 2020 Press Operations 17th May directed to all accredited members of the press. This is one of the many tasks mentioned in the checklist published earlier in May, Link here. Request for early input of arrival flight information into ADS Please allow us to extend our sincere gratitude towards your understanding and […]

Information from FEI for members with accreditation for the Tokyo Olympics

The FEI has of the 12th of May sent out an email to accredited media who have received their accreditation from the FEI/IOC. A checklist for accredited media has been put together in joint collaboration with the FEI and the IAEJ Tokyo 2020 working group.  If you are accredited through your NOC, a national Olympic […]

Members – we urgently need you to respond to a web survey concerning Tokyo 2020

On May 7th the Tokyo 2020 held a Stakeholder Briefing on Playbook for the Press via web conference system Bluejeans. Several presentations were given and a session with questions & answers concluded the 90-minute long briefing. Although several items were addressed that came up as question marks in the 2nd edition of Playbook for the […]

Information for members with accreditation for the Tokyo Olympics

Dear members, The clock is ticking, the countdown to Tokyo is running. However, with less than 100 days to go before the Tokyo 2021 Olympics start, there is still no clear information under which regulations the work for the media will take place. As those of you who hold an accreditation for Tokyo 2021 know […]

Meet a member: L.A. Sokolowski

We would like to take the opportunity to present our members for the IAEJ community of journalists and photographers during these trying times of a global pandemic. Next to go is one of our journalist members from the U.S : L.A. Sokolowski Questions & Answers Q:    Where exactly are you based? A:    Just south of […]