Members going to Tokyo – request for flight information

Published on Tokyo 2020 Press Operations 17th May directed to all accredited members of the press. This is one of the many tasks mentioned in the checklist published earlier in May, Link here.

Request for early input of arrival flight information into ADS

Please allow us to extend our sincere gratitude towards your understanding and support for the delivery of a safe and secure Games.

As border control measures for COVID-19, Japan is currently limiting the number of people entering the country which may cause difficultly for arrival of Games stakeholders this summer.

Early flight bookings and information input into ADS (Arrivals and Departures Information System) was requested in the recent Playbooks V2 – Stakeholder Briefings. To ensure all Games stakeholders’ arrival, it is necessary to collect arrival flight information early as possible for coordination with related government agencies.

Therefore, although the recommended deadline for inputting into the ADS is 10 June for the Olympics and 30 June for the Paralympics, we strongly request that you input your arrival flight information (flight number, arrival date/time, arrival airport for flights already booked or for desired flights) by 27 May. Necessary documents for ADS such as User Account Request Form and spreadsheet are on the Press Operations Extranet.

This is an indispensable matter to ensure all Games stakeholders’ arrival, and furthermore for the delivery of a safe and secure Games. We thank you for your kind cooperation.

Please note, if required information is not input, you may have a difficulty upon securing valid flights due to strict immigration restrictions enforced based on the epidemic prevention measures by the Japanese Government.

Best regards, Tokyo 2020 Arrivals and Departures Team