Information from FEI for members with accreditation for the Tokyo Olympics

The FEI has of the 12th of May sent out an email to accredited media who have received their accreditation from the FEI/IOC. A checklist for accredited media has been put together in joint collaboration with the FEI and the IAEJ Tokyo 2020 working group.  If you are accredited through your NOC, a national Olympic Committee, you may not have received this email. We share this information for the benefit of anyone with accreditation planning or considering going to Tokyo 2020.

Message from FEI Communications

Dear Member of the Media,

Following publication of the Tokyo Playbook Press Version 2 and the briefing held last Friday with the IOC and Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee Press Operations team, this is a reminder for Media intending to cover the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (23 July to 8 August 2021) that there are a number of deadlines which MUST be observed to ensure your smooth arrival and stay in Tokyo. 

As one key deadline has already passed this week, we would like to remind you of all the essential information, important dates, personal responsibilities and requirements outlined in the attached document, to help you prepare for your departure.

These Games will be very different to their predecessors due to the Covid-19 countermeasures that have been put in place to ensure a safe and successful Olympics and Paralympics this summer. This means that there are a lot of requirements and resulting deadlines that have never previously existed, and accredited media planning to cover the Games onsite in Tokyo will need to comply with these vital conditions or there is a risk that access to Japan will be denied.

If however, you have now decided that you no longer wish to travel to Tokyo and would prefer to work remotely, please remember to advise the Tokyo Press Operations Team directly and secure your remote access to MyInfo.

Best regards
FEI Communications


Important dates for Tokyo 2020 accredited media 

READ the Playbook Press Version 2 carefully – Tokyo 2020 Press Operations extranet (NB: only registered users have access).

Playbook V2:one important change since publication: no three-day quarantine post-arrival is required.

Preparations during May

  • If you have not booked your accommodation through the official accommodation management system (AMS) – urgently respond to the questionnaire from Tokyo 2020. The deadline was 10 May, but forms are still open. You need to register here AND respond to the questionnaire.
  • By mid-May Tokyo 2020 will contact everyone that does not have official accommodation about a relocation. There will be no approval by the Japanese Government of unofficial accommodation. Tokyo 2020 will help you find accommodation if there is a requirement for you to move.
  • Each organisation (freelancers/independent media you are your organisation) needs to appoint a Covid Liaison Officer or CLO (please read the CLO job description). Appointing a CLO (or declaring self-CLO) must be done by 14 May (12:00 noon JST). Tokyo 2020 will send a CLO user application form for ICON registration to the appointed CLO. Tokyo 2020 ICON Management Authority is the platform you will use to upload your activity plan. This must be done four weeks prior to travel.
  • Appointed CLOs will receive online training.

Preparations during May/June

  • Submit your flight information into the ADS (Arrival & Departure Information System). You received an email at the beginning of May to register for the ADS.
  • Fill out your activity plan for your stay in Japan. The Tokyo 2020 ICON Management Authority will be available after 31 May. You or your CLO will enter the information into the ICON system. The activity plan must include your accommodation, where you plan to go (MPC, Baji Koen/Sea Forest venue, Olympic Village, Opening Ceremony etc)
  • If you arrive in Japan between 15 and 21 July, the latest date for submitting your activity plan is 24 June. If you enter Japan between 22 and 28 July, your activity plan must be submitted by 1 July.
  • Download the health monitoring app (OCHA) and the track and trace app (COCOA).

Before your departure

  • Fill out your close contact survey for two weeks prior to departure, take your temperature daily, and fill in details on the OCHA app.
  • Two Covid-19 tests, taken on separate days, within 96 hours of your departure for Japan, one of them 72 hours prior to departure. Consult the Playbook v2 for valid tests. The certificate is very detailed and needs to be signed by a doctor. It may be wise to ask your National Olympic Committee for help on this.
  • Download the certificate in English/Japanese and bring this to your doctor.
  • You will not be allowed into Japan without your validated activity plan, which has been signed off by your CLO, Tokyo 2020, and the Japanese Government.



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