The IAEJ is open, in principle, to journalists and photographers in possession of a card or a letter confirming their quality as professional journalists and their regular coverage of the various international equestrian sports.

Full Members are entitled to vote in IAEJ matters and are:

  • professional journalists or photographers who are members of the press association of their country;
  • members of the AIPS;
  • editors and regular contributors to equestrian magazines.

Associate Members are equestrian communications industry professionals working as press officers or in media communications for sports bodies and equestrian organisations and who do not fall within the definition of Full Member. They are also equestrian journalists starting out either from education or from another profession and seeking a pathway to Full Membership.

Applications for membership must be presented to the Bureau by two active members. Before deciding, the Bureau will consult IAEJ members of the country of the applicant. In case of motivated opposition, the Bureau will take up a complementary enquiry, the results of which will be presented to the following General Assembly.

Please mail the completed form along with the required material to:

c/o Horse Media Group
PO Box 670, Aurora, ON
L4G 4J9
Phone 905-727-0107
Fax: 905-841-1530