Wrap-up FEI Sports Forum: Q & A with FEI president and Secretary General

The ned of the two-day-conference FEI sport Forum was summarized by a closing speak my President Ingemar de Vos and followed by a Question & Answer session for the assembled press on-site and online. Closing words by Ingemar de Vos, After touching upon the many sessions held at the forum Mr De Vos came to […]

FEI sports Forum: Session 3 – a look into a hair raising future

Session 3: FEI Equine Anti Doping and Medication Control Regulations Monday, 29 April, 15:30 – 17:30 The third session of day one at the FEI Sports Forum was formed around a discussion on Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMR), the only FEI rules that are undergoing a full revision this year. The session shed […]

FEI Sports Forum 2024: Session 4 – Championships might go extinct

Session 4 FEI Championship Review 30th of April, 9 – 12:15 As journalists and photographers, championships are often the epi-center of our work covering equestrian sport. A lot of work goes into the category pre-, during- and after a championship event. For quite some time very few organizers bid for championships. The first session of […]

FEI Sports Forum 2024: Session 1 covered a much-awaited report

Session 1: Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission final report and proposed action plan Monday, 29 April, 9:30 – 12:30, IMD, Lausanne FEI president Ingemar de Vos gave a welcome speech to an almost full auditorium at the IMD in Lausanne. As expected, he declared his contentment over the League of Nations’ first legs and underlined […]

Participation at the FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne

IAEJ has decided to cover this year’s FEI Sports Forum on-site in Lausanne and will provide our members with the impressions from the conference held on 29-30 of April 2024. Equestrian sport is at a pivotal point in time, to ensure a future we need to gain the public trust that what we do in […]

How to communicate on the equine industry – European Horse Network Webinar

IAEJ was one of the invited parties to present at the European Horse Network Webinar on 27th of February. You can watch the final product here or browse through the IAEJ presentation made by board member and secretary Kim C Lundin. IAEJ member Mark Wentein was the moderator and host for the webinar. From the […]

Members being threatened and verbally abused during LGCT Stockholm

The IAEJ board has received some disturbing information from members working at the Longines Global Champions Tour event in Stockholm taking place 16th to the 18th of June at the venue Ryttarstadion. On Sunday an accident occurred in the warm-up, well-known Olympic medalist Peder Fredricson suffered a fall when warming up one of his horses […]

Accreditation for Santiago 2023 Pan American Games (CHI)

Santiago 2023 Pan American Games (CHI)The Santiago 2023 Pan American Games in Chile will run from October – 5 November 2023 and the media accreditation process for the Games is now underway. One of the world’s most important multi-sport events will bring together more than 7,000 athletes from the 41 countries of the Americas to […]

“Alan Smith 1933 – 2022”

It is with great regret and sadness that we wish to inform our members of the passing of Alan Smith at the age of 89. Alan, one of the founders of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists, was a veteran of 17 Olympic Games (nine Summer and eight Winter) and served as the Telegraph Sport […]

New board elected, no more bureau

The ECCO FEI World Championship in Herning 2022 has come, swept us up in a swirl, and is gone again. The IAEJ General Assembly took place in a gap between morning shuttles and the show jumping horse inspection on the 8th of August. There is not much slack time on a championship nowadays and we […]