How to communicate on the equine industry – European Horse Network Webinar

IAEJ was one of the invited parties to present at the European Horse Network Webinar on 27th of February. You can watch the final product here or browse through the IAEJ presentation made by board member and secretary Kim C Lundin.

IAEJ member Mark Wentein was the moderator and host for the webinar.

From the EHN invitation:

How to communicate on the equine industry – Take the opportunity of the Olympics to present good stories

There is enough data to show that the concerns around horse involvement in sport are rising. The equine world must positively engage with both perception and reality and show real commitment to change and ensure positive values.

How do we educate the professionals, the media, and the public to meet the changing social values?

Do we know the reality of people’s opinions? Share surveys

Where are the good stories and how do we promote them?

Look at existing public initiatives to copy (for young people, for media, for the general public)

Invent EHN messages for tomorrow that could be supported by the industry.

Moderator: Mark Wentein, Chairman of the European Horse Network

  • FEI Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission – Survey on the public opinion on equestrian Sport – Jessica Stark, Head of Communication at World Horse Welfare
  • FEI TV and Media – The Horse in society and the horse in competitions – Olivia Robinson, Communication Director at FEI
  • FNRS, the Dutch Federation of Professional Equestrian Centres in the Netherlands – Moderation & pro-active handling of communication around horses and sport horses – Haike Blaauw, Managing Director at FNRS
  • COFICHEV, Conseil et Observatoire Suisse de la Filière du Cheval- Symposium with Media organized in 2022 – Objectives and Conclusions – Charles Trolliet, President at Cofichev
  • International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists – The need of the specialized press – Kim C Lundin, Swedish free-lancer journalist and photographer, board member and secretary at IAEJ, International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists”


Watch the webinar in full length, IAEJ presentation last to go.