Members – we urgently need you to respond to a web survey concerning Tokyo 2020

On May 7th the Tokyo 2020 held a Stakeholder Briefing on Playbook for the Press via web conference system Bluejeans. Several presentations were given and a session with questions & answers concluded the 90-minute long briefing.

Although several items were addressed that came up as question marks in the 2nd edition of Playbook for the press, many issues remain to be resolved. During next week we will publish our conclusions and what other information we have gathered with you, stay tuned.

There are a number of deadlines coming up in the coming weeks for functions such as CLO – Covid Liason Officer and accommodation. The IAEJ has had a working group, Jan Tönjes, Jon Stroud, and Kim C Lundin, working on trying to get more clarification around all things concerning the Tokyo 2020 Games. The working group has had discussions with the FEI and other stakeholders.

To have the most correct information on how to best be able to support our IAEJ community up till game time in July and August we need help from all of you.

Please respond to our short web survey, it is estimated to take 3 minutes of your life, please spend it on providing us with the information we need to put our best feet forward towards the Olympic games.

Web Survey 

Please respond before Thursday 13th at 23:00 CET, it is much appreciated if you reply even sooner.

Thank you for your time and effort.