Information from FEI for members with accreditation to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

This memo was sent 2nd of July to members of the press with an accreditation from the FEI for Tokyo 2020. 


Dear Member of the Media

All accredited persons have been receiving a huge amount of content from Tokyo 2020, almost to the point of saturation, but there is a lot of information and paperwork sent to media by the Tokyo Press Operations team which you MUST read, complete and submit in order to ensure your entry into Japan for the Olympic Games.

As we mentioned in previous correspondence, these Games will be very different to their predecessors due to the Covid-19 countermeasures that have been put in place to ensure a safe and successful Olympics and Paralympics this summer. This means that there are a lot of requirements and resulting deadlines that have never previously existed, and accredited media planning to cover the Games onsite in Tokyo will need to comply with these vital conditions or there is a risk that access to Japan will be denied.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure all the administrative requirements are fulfilled, including the Covid Liaison Officer (CLO) registration.

Although you have been granted a sport specific media accreditation through the FEI/IOC allocation, the FEI is not and cannot be your CLO. If your media organisation is not taking on the CLO role for you, independent media travelers (freelancers/independent organisations) should already have declared themselves as their own CLO, completed and submitted all administrative requirements to ensure entry into Tokyo.

Following declaration of the CLO’s identity, you should have already received a CLO user application form for ICON registration. Tokyo 2020 ICON Management Authority is the platform onto which you should have uploaded your activity plan four weeks prior to travel.

You should also have entered your flight information into the ADS (Arrival & Departure Information System) and downloaded the health monitoring app (OCHA) and the track and trace app (COCOA).

Please be aware that health monitoring data cannot be uploaded to the OCHA app until your activity plan has been approved. However, there is a delay in approval of activity plans across all stakeholder groups and this has been flagged up by the IOC as a priority with the Japanese government.

Until your activity plan has been approved and you can enter data onto the OCHA app, it is crucial that you record your temperature on a daily basis for 14 days prior to travel and note any related Covid-19 symptoms and those of your in-contacts. This data can be uploaded to the OCHA app once your activity plan has been approved, however in the event that your activity plan has not been approved when you are due to travel, we strongly recommend that you print out all the health data and take it with you.

As detailed in the Media Playbook you are required to have Two Covid-19 tests, taken on separate days, the first within 96 hours of your departure for Japan, and the second 72 hours prior to departure.

Consult the Playbook for valid tests. Download the certificate in English/Japanese and bring this to your doctor for signature.

There are a number of people who have decided they no longer wish to travel to Tokyo and would prefer to work remotely. You can secure your remote access to the MyInfo system by contacting the Tokyo Press Services Team directly.

Best regards

FEI Communications