Report on the European Dressage Championships

The conditions for journalists and photographers during the EC Dressage in Turin were anything but easy and professional. A lot of the problems came as a result of unprofessional preparation so there was not much to be done once the show had started. But I want to emphasize, that the very friendly press team did […]

Winter 2007 – From the President

On behalf of the new IAEJ bureau, recently elected in Aachen for a new four year term, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members the very best for 2007. We work in a global media sphere where things are changing fast and the pressures can sometimes be intense. Along with […]

Pan American Games Press Services Report

While much of what appears in this report is from my perspective, I have incorporated some of the thoughts from other journalist about their observations. There were things that were very good about the press services for the 2007 Pan American Games and others that were really terrible. The one thing that everyone seemed to […]

FEI WEG 2006 – Photographers Overview

Overview The overwhelming majority of photographers questioned, highlighted the fact there was very little communication between themselves and the management. Added to this the Photo Manager had no authority and decisions as to positions of photo pens were out of his hands. There was no response to emails prior to the Games and despite best […]

Report on the Press Service at Aachen FEI WEG 2006

Following the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games IAEJ has decided to put together a few comments and considerations on the press service. These notes are meant to represent ‘lessons learnt’ for the organisers of major events. It is the goal of the IAEJ to distribute them to the FEI and the organisers. Foreword Generally speaking […]

Report on the Press Service for Endurance at Aachen FEI WEG 2006

I covered the Endurance competition for the 2006 WEG. This competition was held on the first day of the Games, Monday August 21, 2006. I know that I was not alone in feeling as though we had come in during “dress rehearsals” at the Press Center. Press stand and photo ops During the Opening Ceremonies, […]

World Cup Update

Media credential applications will be going out by mid-December for the 2007 Rolex FEI World Cup Finals in show jumping and dressage. There will be fewer credentials awarded than there were for the 2005 finals in order to eliminate overcrowding in the press room and offer everyone more space to work. As a result, no […]

Revised Format for IAEJ Applications

At the last AGM held during the WEG the assembly formally approved a revised application process so that members of the IAEJ would be the highest quality of professional journalists. As a result, all applications that were submitted prior to the WEG were not reviewed and will need to be resubmitted using the following application […]

National Delegates

In the past few years the system adopted by the IAEJ of appointing National Delegates for most countries has been very useful in order to monitor and improve press services in different countries. Through the IAEJ National Delegates we have had the opportunity to work with the organising committees of major events. In many cases, […]

IAEJ New Members Applied

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