Hong Kong Update from the FEI


There will be buses every 30 minutes from your hotel to the media centre and vice versa.  These will operate 24 hours a day on competition days and between 05.30 and midnight on non-competition days.  It is a very short ride.


The speed is confirmed as 54mbs for WiFi and 100 Mbs for cable  – this is exactly the same spec as the main press centre in Beijing and exactly the same spec as Aachen.   It is available in the media centre, the tribunes and Beas River.

Mark Pinkstone confirmed that the cost for internet access for the Media Centre is HK$2,500 for the period or HK$200 per day.  This is the same for Beijing.  The organisers had proposed to raise this quite considerably for onsite payment but I expressed my concern, which was supported by the IOC, and I can confirm that this will not now happen ââ?¬â?? there will be no change in charge between prebooking and onsite payment.

There is still an issue with regard to the cost in the hotel which remains at HK $250 per day.  However on behalf of the FEI, and supported by the IOC, I have asked that this area be addressed with the hotel and that we are updated on the scenario next week.  There is no doubt that the cost is way too high and although it is being addressed I cannot promise that this situation will be overcome because I cannot see an immediate solution.  However, the media centre is open 24 hours a day and very good transport is available for those wishing to work at this point ââ?¬â?? but I am aware that nobody wants to flog over to the main media centre just to access their emails etc ââ?¬â?? all I can say is we are on the case.


The lockers for both press and photographers are easily sufficient for any reasonable needs.  Those for photographers are located outside to allow for the question of humidity but they are convenient to the photographers work room and can easily accommodate a tripod and other camera equipment / bags.

Press Conferences

Protocol – it has been agreed between IOC and BOCOG that, across the Games,  press conferences will be moderated by  a BOCOG  representative but with an IF (in this case FEI) representative present.    

Moderator – Chris Yip (BOCOG) will introduce and go straight to Q&A.  At the request of both the IOC and the FEI there will be no preamble to press conferences beyond introducing riders (for the benefit of those who do not know them)


Balance – I have talked through with Chris the need to ensure a balanced international vs. regional questioning ratio ââ?¬â?? the feeling was that the regional media would not want to ask questions in conferences.

Simultaneous translation will be available so I am confident that the press conferences and briefings will flow smoothly and not be hampered by language barriers

Information gathering

Tours ââ?¬â?? of the stables, vets area, laboratory ââ?¬â?? it is hoped that all these will be possible although only with very limited slots.


Course Walks ââ?¬â?? there will be two course walks at Beas River one on 7th and one on a date to be confirmed next week ( 8th or 9th ) to allow for those arriving on 7th.


I understand that there is an accreditation activation point inside the arrivals hall at HK airport BEFORE immigration.  I strongly recommend you activate your accreditation at this point because you will a) be able to use the BOCOG immigration channel which will be much quicker than queuing up b) you will not have to go to the activation point at the venue ââ?¬â?? you will be able to sail through.  But as I say it is only a top tip ââ?¬â?? if the point has moved or you canââ?¬â?¢t find it – please , please donââ?¬â?¢t hunt me down!


My Taxi from the airport cost just under HK$300 and took around 40 minutes.

I asked Anja Krabbe, who has been resident in HK for several months, if she would be really kind and put together a list of local eateries for your use and she has kindly agreed to do so.

This does not cover every area but rather those that I have heard concerns about, I hope that this information is of use to you and your members and that it reinforces that the FEI, and in particular its Communications Department, are resolute in ensuring that the needs of specialist media attending HK are met.  I am quite certain that our determination is more than matched by the Media Services Team from BOCOG.

On behalf of the FEI Communications Department, may I say how much we look forward to seeing you in HK.

Kindest regards,

Candy Burnyeat