Course Walks & Banned Logos

Olympic Cross Country Course Walks:


August 7:

– Departure from the Media Hotel at 13:30

– Walk itself from 14:15 to 17:15

– Departure from XC Course to Media Hotel at 17:30

– Reception for accredited media at the Media Hotel as of 19:00 


August 8:

– Departure from the Media Hotel at 11:30

– Actual walk from 12:30 to 15:00

– Departure from Beas River to Media Hotel at 15:15

– Negotiations are still underway with transportation services as to whether we could drop those who are interested in the 1st Horse Inspection for Eventing directly at the Sha Tin Venue. TBA.

Equestrian Company House Rules on Banned Logos:

– No form of unauthorized publicity, commercial or otherwise, and no form of political propaganda, appearing on flags, banners, clothing, sportswear, accessories or, more generally, on any article of clothing, equipment or goods whatsoever worn or used by spectators, athletes or other participants in the events is permitted. However, this shall not apply to identification of the manufacturer of the article or equipment concerned, provided that such identification shall not be marked conspicuously for the purposes of advertising.