Tokyo 2020 Accreditation Alert

As indicated in the email blast sent to members on December 28, 2018, the Press by Number deadline (March 29) has now passed. This is the date by which NOCs have to inform Tokyo 2020 of the organisations they will accredit. IAEJ members who were not accredited through their NOC and have not applied for accreditation via the FEI, must contact the FEI as soon as possible should they wish to be considered for Olympic accreditation. If applicants coming through the FEI want press accommodation via Tokyo OCOG they also need to let the FEI know before the end of April. The press accommodation deadline is May 25.

The Press by Name process starts on October 21 which means all applications to the FEI will need to be finalised by then. The IOC has informed us that there is a high demand for accreditation for Tokyo so it is likely the FEI may have a reduced quota.

The FEI needs the following information from all applicants:

Title, first name and surname of the journalist/photographer; Type of accreditation Es or EPs; Organisation name; Address, Tel/Mobile number and Email address.

Please address all applications to:
Shannon Gibbons
Media Relations and Communications Manager
[email protected]
+41 78 750 61 46

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