Olympic Wireless Service

Wireless internet service will be available at all media areas – including the FOP, tribunes etc, in Sha Tin and in the media workroom at Beas River.

The charge will be the same as in the Media Centre in Beijing, i.e RMB2,600, which is roughly EUR 250.  Just to emphasise this point, it is the standard price for EVERY member of the media attending this Games.  I have noted your views that there should be no cost at all but that would be a matter for post event.

This price covers the WHOLE period from 27 July to 23 September.

In addition, access will be available for the equivalent of around EUR 20 for those who will only stay for a day or two.

Rumours mentioning prices as high as EUR 1,000 or 2,000 – are unfounded.


ââ?¬Â¢  Media can walk from their hotel to the press centre

The shuttle service will function 24h a day on competition days

The press centre will be open 24h a day.


ââ?¬Â¢  Exact details on how to secure internet access in Hong Kong will be circulated shortly.   NB the arrangements for gaining this access will be different from those journalists in Beijing – a special form will be supplied to the HK media.

Candy Burnyeat

FEI Director of Communications (Interim)