Wrap-up FEI Sports Forum: Q & A with FEI president and Secretary General

The ned of the two-day-conference FEI sport Forum was summarized by a closing speak my President Ingemar de Vos and followed by a Question & Answer session for the assembled press on-site and online. Closing words by Ingemar de Vos, After touching upon the many sessions held at the forum Mr De Vos came to […]

FEI sports Forum: Session 3 – a look into a hair raising future

Session 3: FEI Equine Anti Doping and Medication Control Regulations Monday, 29 April, 15:30 – 17:30 The third session of day one at the FEI Sports Forum was formed around a discussion on Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations (EADCMR), the only FEI rules that are undergoing a full revision this year. The session shed […]

FEI Sports Forum 2024: Session 4 – Championships might go extinct

Session 4 FEI Championship Review 30th of April, 9 – 12:15 As journalists and photographers, championships are often the epi-center of our work covering equestrian sport. A lot of work goes into the category pre-, during- and after a championship event. For quite some time very few organizers bid for championships. The first session of […]

FEI Sports Forum 2024: Session 1 covered a much-awaited report

Session 1: Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission final report and proposed action plan Monday, 29 April, 9:30 – 12:30, IMD, Lausanne FEI president Ingemar de Vos gave a welcome speech to an almost full auditorium at the IMD in Lausanne. As expected, he declared his contentment over the League of Nations’ first legs and underlined […]

Participation at the FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne

IAEJ has decided to cover this year’s FEI Sports Forum on-site in Lausanne and will provide our members with the impressions from the conference held on 29-30 of April 2024. Equestrian sport is at a pivotal point in time, to ensure a future we need to gain the public trust that what we do in […]