IAEJ members intending to cover this summerâ??s Pan Am and/or Parapan Games in Toronto should be advised that parking at venues is limited and that parking permits are necessary. Permits run from $300 for a single venue to $1300 for all venues.

Gamesâ?? photo manager Peter Llewellyn reports that parking at the main Equestrian venue at Caledon is quite near the Venue Press center and no more than a five minute walk along paved walkways. Access to parking in this lot will require purchase of a VAPP (venue access parking pass) through the rate card system. With regard to the cross-country venue, Peter does not recommend anyone to use the parking (VAPP also required), as it is some considerable distance to the media center. Instead he suggests it would be better to use the parking lot at the main venue at Caledon and then use the shuttle bus system which will drop off a short two minute walk to the cross-country media center.

Peter has also confirmed that the lockers at Caledon are the same size as used at the London Olympics, i.e., plenty large enough for all a photographer’s gear, including bags, long lenses, etc.

The Equestrian press manager has not yet been confirmed. Same goes for the venue photo manager. However, Peter says that the OC is just coming to the end of the recruitment process and are slotting names into the various roles. â??Rest assured, those appointed will have extensive equestrian experience,â? he said.