Media Accreditation Process for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Written and photographic press wishing to apply for accreditation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games should have been contacted by their respective organizations by now.  The International Olympic Committee has established a quota of E* (Journalist) accreditations for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games which have been distributed by National Olympic Committees (NOC) to press organizations in their country.

The total quota has been set at 5,800, the same figure as for Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

The IOC has made its allocation of E category accreditation to each National Olympic Committee.

This process is open to print, internet and photographic media organizations. All organizations/freelance media are required to request, in writing, the number of representatives from their respective organizations that they wish to send to Rio 2016.

Basically all media â?? or rather media outlets â?? must have their applications to their NOC by January 2015. The Press by Name procedure begins in November 2015. The IOC media accreditation procedure and timelines are outlined here

Please let IAEJ president Pamela Young know immediately if you have been included in an application to your respective NOC and/or of your intention to cover Rio. The IAEJ can then write to NOCs in support of membersâ?? applications.

Media who are on a genuine media assignment but who have failed to secure accreditation though their NOC may be able to gain Es (Sport Specific Journalist) or EPs (Sport Specific Photographer) accreditation for Rio through the FEI. The FEI will step in in June 2015 during the Accreditation by Name process. At that point IAEJ members should send their accreditation applications to the FEI. Each of these applications will be studied by the FEI and the IOC who will decide together on the allocations. This process must be completed by the end of 2015 as the deadline to return the Press by Name accreditation form to Rio 2016 is February 5 2016.

The IOC is responsible for accrediting all non-rights-holding television and radio broadcasters (ENR).  Applications for ENR accreditation to cover the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 will be available on the IOC website between February 5 and April 1 2015.

*E: Journalist, editor, photographic editor, employed or contracted by an international or national news agency, a general daily newspaper, a sports newspaper, magazine or internet site, a digital journalist, or independent or freelance journalist under contract.