From IAEJ Delegate Gabriele Pochhammer

I went to see the venue and the organizing team twice and I think, things are now as good as they can be.

There were some shortcomings at the CCI***, which are by now mostly improved.

  1. There will be live-TV and live scoring in the press tent (except for dressage), to the same extent as in the competitors tent.
  2. The press tent is very near to the arena (exit) and to the mixed zone, so it might be easier to watch from there, rather than from the press stand.
  3. The press stand does not have tables nor electricity.
  4. The Wifi will be improved as much as possible, but still it might be difficult if large amounts of pictures are sent at the same time. Media officer Julia Otto said: “I cannot make a Porsche out of a VW, and Telecom wonââ?¬â?¢t give us stronger lines.”
  5. There will be no shuttles from hotels to the venue, as there are so many little places (bed and breakfeast) that people stay. For colleagues who have booked the rider hotels, they will be allowed to travel via that shuttle service to the venue.
  6. The press chief is new in Luhm�¼hlen, but she worked in England for some time and knows the eventing sport. The media centre support team will be the same as always.
  7. All other requirements seem to be ok.

Gabriele Pochhammer