Pan American Games Accreditation

The accreditation process for the Pan American Games will be held through the Olympic Committee of each country. However, we are looking to get a special accreditation only for the equestrian venues for those interested in our sport and who are not able to get the general sport accreditation from the O.C. of the Pan American Games. We need to know how many journalists and photographers are interested in this process, so we can ask the O.C. To provide or allow us to provide special access to the equestrian facility. Special accreditation will be limited to the three equestrian disciplines: Dressage 16 to 19 October Eventing 21 to 23 October Jumping 25 to 29 October All those interested must send their application form (located at this link) before April 11. We will then confirm if this is possible. IAEJ members interested should advise us promptly and return their applications to: Eduardo Tame