Canadian Photographer Wins 2010 Susan Jane Anstey Media Award

Cealy Tetley of St-Lazare, QC, has been named as the recipient of the 2010 Susan Jane Anstey Media Award.

Created in memory of Susan Jane Anstey and in recognition of her invaluable contributions to Canadian equine interests, Equine Canada presents the Susan Jane Anstey Media Award to an exceptional individual who has delivered outstanding media coverage, which served to enhance the image of Canadian equine interests to the Canadian public.

The photographic work of Canada’s Cealy Tetley has been featured in countless national and international print and online media for over 20 years. A regular contributor to Equine Canada’s marketing and communication vehicles for many years, Tetley has captured the finest moments of our athletesââ?¬â?both horse and humanââ?¬â?at every level of competition.

Highly respected in the equestrian community, Tetley has established herself as an official photographer at venues such as Pepiniere, Bromont, Blainville, Spruce Meadows and The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

From a major games perspective, Tetley began delivering high quality coverage beginning with the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Since then, she could be found, camera in hand, at multiple Olympic, Pan American and World Games.

“I am honoured to be chosen, especially since Susan Jane Anstey’s name is attached to this award.   I am touched the Canadian Eventing Committee took it upon themselves to nominate me,” said Tetley. “In particular Charles Baudinet, the vice-chair of the Canadian Eventing Committee, who secretly recruited my daughter to extract pertinent information about my career from me.”

Open to all types of Media (print, television broadcast, internet and photography), the Susan Jane Anstey Media Award is given for a specific event or story, an ongoing event or story, or an outstanding effort throughout the year.

Susan Jane was a valiant champion of Canada’s development in international sport and long-time supporter of the Canadian Equestrian Team. As both a talented publisher and working journalist, Susan Jane provided a dedicated Canadian journalistic presence at World Equestrian Games and Olympic Competitions from 1984 through to Greece in 2004. Through publications such as Horse Sport, Horse-Canada and Canadian Thoroughbred, Susan Jane provided a national voice for the Canadian equestrian community, and a forum for a national dialogue on the issues that have affected and defined our sport. Equine Canada is proud to present this award in her honour.

At the Equine Canada Annual Awards Gala, on Saturday January 29, 2011, in Ottawa, ON, Tetley was awarded with the Susan Jane Anstey Media Award.