Dear Colleagues,

It amazes me how fast time goes by. Four years ago (Aachen 2006) you elected the present IAEJ Bureau and in Kentucky new elections will be held. I can hardly believe it has been four years! When most of us meet in Kentucky this autumn we will have to decide not only the composition of the Bureau but also several very important matters regarding our statutes.

Our next General Assembly will be held during the World Equestrian Games, on the 3rd of October (Sunday morning). We will let you know the exact venue at a later date.

What I have learned since Aachen is that realistically speaking, we can only meet widely, consequently, every two years: Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games.

Looking back, Hong Kong (2008) was an important period. For the first time we used funds to host a press conference with speakers from the IOC and FEI which was followed by a luncheon at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It was a great success.

For myself, I believe that during the last four years we have, on your behalf


� A fair membership policy

� A new logo and revived internet site

� The possibility to vote on line

� An online forum

� A better relationship with the FEI; especially regarding accreditation process for main events such as the WEG. The disappointment of the OG is behind us and we are looking forward to London. � New guidelines approved by both, the FEI and the IAEJ, for organisers

ââ?¬Â¢ Open but internal discussions about ââ?¬Å?membershipââ?¬Â through the IAEJ internet site.

� Sound budget figures

What we still need to do:

ââ?¬Â¢ To decide if the IAEJ should be an ââ?¬Å?Associate memberââ?¬Â of the FEI as the FEI understands it. I think that we should listen to the proposal by the FEI (we have to know who will present the issues and we hope that a representative will make the issue clear at WEG) and the consequences for the association. We will vote on this at the GA.

� To redefine the statutes regarding membership. The vote that was held online did not yield the two thirds majority which was needed.

� The membership status of PR, Press officers of events, studbooks and federations, website managers and so on.

� To decide if the IAEJ should have an annual award for show organisers who provide the best facilities.

On behalf of the Bureau thanks for your support and confidence; have a nice summer among shows and stud farms� A little bit at home too�

See you in Lexington!

Xavier Libbrecht

IAEJ Bureau Members 2006 – 2010

President: Xavier Libbrecht (FRA)

Vice President #1: Pamela Young (GBR)

Vice President #2: Chris Stafford (USA)

Photographers Representative: Kit Houghton (GBR)

Jennifer Anstey (CAN)

Milena Dragisic (CRO)

Gabriele Pochhammer (GER)

Julie Wilson (AUS)

IAEJ WEBSITE: on Facebook and Twitter


– Will be held during the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky Sunday October 3rd at 10am in the press conference hall in the Main Press Centre


– The online vote on the revision of statutes which was successfully completed recently did not, unfortunately, yield a completely useful result. The Bureau had decided that in addition to a vote at the AGM, changes to the statutes could be made by online vote but, as with the AGM, there has to be a 2/3rds majority. We did not achieve that in every case.

The first question, regarding the inclusion or exclusion of television was clear – 92% agreed that television should be excluded.

The second question asked if the IAEJ should have members dedicated strictly to the coverage of international sport or if membership should be expanded to include coverage of all periphery aspects of FEI sports. The result was very close, 52% voted for the former and 47% voted for the latter. Therefore no 2/3rds majority and thus not enough to effect any statute change.

The third question asked whether the IAEJ should cover all international FEI disciplines – 75% voted in favour and 24% against.

The upshot is that while we have determined statute changes for 1 and 3, it will be necessary to raise the second question of who qualifies as an IAEJ member again at the AGM in Kentucky.


– The greater question we must ask ourselves is, is it in the IAEJ’s best interest to have categories of membership similar to other sports journalists associations?

Instituting a two or even three tier system would seem appropriate given that we have members who are involved strictly with the Olympic sports, members who cover only one or two FEI disciplines, members who cover industry matters but no sport, and members who are press officers, rider or NF representitives. The point of the IAEJ is to work with the FEI and show organizers to assure that the needs of the journalists are met. We do this by trying to ensure proper working conditions at the shows but also we have a hand in helping the FEI and championship organisers with the allocation of credentials, to ensure again a servicable working environment at events.

This is not a new idea. We have been talking about establishing categories of membership for 20 years. Now is the time to do something about it and ensure the organization’s credibility in future. FEI


– Last August the issue of Associate Membership of the FEI was discussed during the Windsor European Championships. We were invited by the FEI to apply for this before Hong Kong but there was much confusion as to the purpose of such an affiliation. We have asked Richard Johnson to draft an explanation as to what Associate Membership entails so that one and all will have a clear idea before a vote is taken in Kentucky.


– Greenwich Park, the site for the equestrian events for the 2012 Olympic Games was finally confirmed in March. The Park has its limitations but it will no doubt be an iconic venue, set right in the heart of the Games. The media center is located adjacent to and yards from the main stadium in a permanent, spacious building. Pamela Young has toured the site with venue manager Tim Hadaway and is in regular touch with LOCOG press officer Fran Edwards and Media Op manager Jayne Pearce.


Main Press Center

– 20,000 sq ft in three structures:

 – Main work space: 7,200 sf

 – Press Conference room: 5.400 sf

 – Restaurant: 3,200 sf

 – 254 Work Stations plus

 – 48 for photographers hard wired

 – 200 Lockers

 – 8 large monitors

 – 1 printer

 – Media Restaurant opening hours 05:00 ââ?¬â?? 22:00 (or later for evening competitions). – Free Refreshments, e.g. coffee, tea, water. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner plus ââ?¬Ë?grab & goââ?¬â?¢ food.

 – Food charged at 25% less than concession rates on the park, i.e. no mark-up.

All Press Conferences to be held at MPC

Order of Go for access to riders following a class:

Host Broadcaster

Rights Holder


Press Conference ââ?¬â?? MPC

Drug Testing (next to MPC)

Main Outdoor Stadium

– 100 with desks

– plus 100 seats (no desk)

– Photographers will have full access to all sides of the main stadium via a walkway around the perimeter.

Indoor Arena:

– Tribune ââ?¬â?? 24 desks

– 25 hard wired

– Distance from MPC to Indoor ââ?¬â?? 1 mile/ 2 km


– 20 professional press staff plus volunteers

Covered Arena for Para-equestrian

– 20 with desks plus

– 30 seats (no desk)


– 25 with desks plus

– 80 (no desks)

Satellite Media Tents

– At cross country and Marathon finish

– 20 x 30 ft tent with Closed Circuit TV plus Mixed Zone


– 20 x 30 ft tent with Closed Circuit TV plus Mixed Zone

– Vet Gates at one location

– Sunday ââ?¬â?? course tour

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

– Media Access prioritized for IAEJ members then local media

– Press Officer, Marty Bauman, has acknowledged that access for all media could be an issue

Media Hotels

– 3 assigned in Richmond, Kentucky ââ?¬â?? 34.5 miles (38 minutes) from the Horse Park

– Media Shuttles Service provided

– 1 hotel in Lexington assigned for media but no shuttle service

– No camping available at the Horse Park

– Campgrounds available in the area


1) Finances

2) Statutes Revision

3) IAEJ Associate Membership

4) FEI Associate Membership

5) 2010 WEG Review

6) London 2012 Update

7) 2010-2014 Burean Election