Meeting Minutes from Las Vegas

April 17th, 2009

1) Jennifer Anstey discussed membership and the success of invoicing members for their annual dues. The membership database is not much more up-to-date with far fewer delinquent accounts. We currently have 219 active members.

– Financially, the IAEJ is very sound with 37,053Euro in the bank.

2) Kit Houghton reviewed his research into IT specifications.

– The internet was slow at the Hong Kong Olympics venue because broadband had not originally been installed but was later on.

– Aachen has the best media facilities and the best  IT ââ?¬â?? ADSL 100MB semetric internet with dedicated lines, fixed Ethernet, wireless and 54MB/sec  upload. All very quick and at no charge.

– Badminton doesnââ?¬â?¢t have great IT infrastructure but they are trying to improve. In 2008 they had 4 ADSL lines to create 1 big 2MB upload and 1MB download.

– Burghley has 4 broadband lines run individually and fixed lines dedicated for photographers with 256-450KB upload.

– It is difficult to set minimum internet standards for a horse show as it will depend on the venue. It was noted that some photographers send lots of photographs which slows down the lines for others who are using the same service.

– Agencies at the Olympics had dedicated lines.

– The press tribune at the European Championships will be modern and tented. There will WIFI and IT specialists available.

3) Pam Young met with LOCOG in the Autumn and discussed press facilities. They are considering a two tier usage fee and are working on dedicated lines for journalists and photographers. Pam has developed a good relationship with Jane Pearce who is the head of communications at LOCOG though it is noted that NOGOE , the anti-Greenwhich group, may yet be successful in stopping the equestrian event being held in the park.

4) Chris Stafford discussed the RFP sent out for WEG media but the winning bid had yet to be announced. The media committee had not yet been re-established as WEG was still in a transition phase but that park wide WIFI was in the plans.

5) Richard Johnson, Director of Communications at the FEI addressed the members and noted that the FEI was interested in forging a closer, more open relationship with the IAEJ. He commented that is was not possible for the FEI to run the world from Switzerland and was looking to the IAEJ to play a vital communications role for them.

– The FEI is currently reviewing their website to improve its navigation. The FEI recently appointed an agency to create a new website and Richard committed to working with the IAEJ to make sure the needs and interests of the media were met with the new site.

– WEGââ?¬â?¢s Media Committee is vital and Richard is committed to working with the organizers to make sure it reconvenes.

– The FEI is about the launch an Anti-Doping PR push in conjunction with the commission.

Year of Youth will be from August 2009 to August 2010 culminating in the Singapore Youth Olympics. The FEI is launching a social media campaign to enhance this marketing opportunity.

– The FEI has had good response to the FEI TV though they admit that there are a few kinks including not being able to provide WC coverage or being accessible to Apple users.

– Richard promised to look into complaints of free photographs available on the FEI website.

6) Rob Hinkle and Kate Jackson from WEG announced that Marty Bowman of Classic Communication would be the press officer for WEG 2010. They are expecting 2,000 media to attend. The Media Service Compound at WEG will have 250 media stations and will have food, beverages and access to a lounge. There will be a separate facility for press conferences with seating for 250. Photographers can expect high speed internet access. Accreditation will be online in July or August and will be limited with input considered from the FEI and IAEJ.

– WEG is working with Tourism/Travel in central Lexington area to figure out housing and transportation to and from the venue. There are some issues here as there is not a lot of parking on site but there should be a draft proposal in the fall when tickets go on sale.

– The main arena will have 7,500 covered seats and new footing provided by Otto Sport International. There will also be an indoor arena connected to the stables.