Meet a member: Eduardo Tame

We would like to take the opportunity to present our members for the IAEJ community of journalists and photographers during these trying times of a global pandemic. All the way from Mexico City: Eduardo Tame

Questions & Answers

Q:   Where exactly are you based?
A:   Mexico City

Q:   Do you live with any partners, family and/or pets?
A:   No

Q:   Do you work independently or are you affiliated with a particular news organization?
A:   Mainly independently, although for certain events for a news organization.

Q:   How long have you been an equestrian journalist?
A:   Since the eighties

Q:   What was your path to becoming an equestrian journalist?
A:   I have a degree in economy and used to write for a newspaper in Guadalajara about finances and the stock market.  The owner of this media is a friend of mine and a horseman like I am, and he pushed me to write in that media for horse shows in Mexico.  Then I began to go to games and World Cup finals, and write about that as well for this media and others.  Now I have my own website.

Q:   What sports and types of competition do you cover?
A:   Mainly show jumping, occasionally eventing and dressage

Q:   What new skills did you pick up during quarantine? How has the Covid-19 pandemic effected your life?
A:   No trips.  I cancelled 8 trips I already had planned including the World Cup finals, Tokyo, a visit to China, the CSIO in Aachen and the nations cup final in Barcelona.  Of course, none of these went through

Q:   What’s your all-time favorite moment in equestrian sport?
A:   I enjoyed too much the final four at the WCH (WEG ed. note) , I am sorry they do not do it anymore.

Q:   Talk about your most memorable adventure while covering equestrian sport.
A:   Besides covering equestrian sport, I also take people to championships as spectators.  At Aachen 2006 I was very busy as I was chief of mission for Mexico, had 120 people taking care in Maastricht, transporting them every day to the horse ground in Aachen and write about the competitions.  It was the best WEG (I have been in all except 2018 as I had an accident, horse related, and was in bed (had to cater for my 100 plus aficionados from home via internet and phone.   The worst WEG in all aspects (I was also chief of mission in Kentucky) were Kentucky 2010

Q:   What is your favorite competition venue and why?
A:   Aachen without a doubt.  A close second Spruce Meadows

Q:   What is the last book / latest streamed series / favorite podcast you read / watched /enjoyed?
A:   Series The Crown.  Books the trilogy of Noah Gordon beginning with The Physician.  I was so into this book, that I even did a stop in Madrid to see the theatre version and also look for the streaming of the movie.  Of course, the book is the best, but the one at the theatre in madrid was also incredible.

Q:   Who inspires you?
A:   Jesus Christ

Q:   How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
A:   I used to ride four horses, now and after my accident two years ago I just resumed horseback riding but only one horse.  Every day though.  I got into the horse exactly on the day two years after the accident.
I also love to travel

Q:   What is some of your work of which you’re the proudest of?
A:   My articles in   Also I was press officer at the Pan-American games in Guadalajara 2011 which I enjoyed a lot.

Eduardo Tame travelling