London 2012 Update

The August Update Press Operations e-newsletter is now available in English and French versions.

If you haven’t already signed up to the Press Operations Exchange where you can find out all the operational news for press operations at the Games go to this link to register.

You can also register for the 3rd World Press Briefing that is taking place at the Institute of Education in London 24 ââ?¬â?? 27 October 2011. All the details on the Briefing can be found on the Exchange, if you are a registered user of the Exchange please click here to register for the 3rd World Press Briefing

For those of you who haven’t requested accommodation yet, as long as we have press rooms available, we will continue to allocate them so please do send us your Press Accommodation Request forms that can be found on The Exchange together with a Press Accommodation Guide.

If all you need during the Games is internet access, please contact to place an order. To all Rate Card users, please note that you have until 31 December 2011 to place your orders*but you can amend them (or even cancel them) and you won’t be invoiced until January 2012. We strongly recommend that you submit your order without delay so we can provide you with the best possible advice on all your requirements.

*on 1 January 2012 prices on most items will be increased by 25%.

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