European Championships Rotterdam – Media Update

From IAEJ delegate Claartje van Andel

This week I brought a visit to the new build venue of Rotterdam for the EC dressage and the week after that CHIO.

An incredible lot of work has been done! I was very impressed as you might have read on Facebook or twitter. As always now they need all hands to get it ready in time.

However there are 13 days to go now left and I�m sure they will succeed. It looks already fantastic and more than great!

Photographers will have a very special working place at the frontside under the stairs of the grandstand.

Writing press will have their working room at the backside of the new grandstand and office, where in the future 38 horses will be accommodated.

Of course there is wifi all over and there will be no problems with electricity etcetera.

Shuttle services from hotels and parking lots will be provided

Press chief Anita Lussenburg will send an update to all accredited press next week regarding all this questions. She will have schedules of the times and places for the shuttle-services and opening times to send as well.

As The Netherlands until now are not spoilt with a great permanent building like Aachen, this new building will be the first permanent building for a horseshow in the Netherlands. Aachen-director Frank Kemparman already has brought a visit and was impressed.

I hope this actual info will be welcomed by all our members. And as said, accredited press will receive info directly from press chief Anita Lussenburg.

Kind regards,



stables fitted for pressroom

grandstand floor entrance media annex stables

photographers working room under stairs

photographers entrance of working room next to riders entrance

All photos by Claartje van Andel