Revised Format for IAEJ Applications

At the last AGM held during the WEG the assembly formally approved a revised application process so that members of the IAEJ would be the highest quality of professional journalists. As a result, all applications that were submitted prior to the WEG were not reviewed and will need to be resubmitted using the following application checklist.

Revised IAEJ Application Checklist

#1. A copy of either your national or international press card.


A reference letter from the Communication Department of your National Olympic Committee or National Equestrian Federation stating that your are an active member of the equestrian media.

#2. A letter of reference from and contact details for any print or online publisher/editor that your have recently (within the last year) or are currently working for.

#3. Two hard copies of on-line or print work (either editorial or photographic) covering national or
international equestrian events published within the last year with a by-line or photo credit.

#4. Letters (or emails) from two active members of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists in good standing.