Editorial Use Of Olympic Properties

The IAEJ recommends that anyone thinking of using Olympic Games properties for editorial use should visit: https://www.epa.eu/sites/epa/files/inline-files/IOC-Guidelines-XXIII-Olympic-Winter-Games-2018_Editorial-Use_09JAN18.pdf

For any clarification on editorial use or to request the Olympic rings graphics please email: images@olympic.org.

For any editorial use of the Olympic Games Organising Committee (OCOG) graphics, please contact the respective OCOGs: www.olympic.org/olympic-games.

For any editorial use of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) emblems, please contact the respective NOCs: www.olympic.org/national-olympic-committees.

All of the symbols of the Olympic Games, including the famous multicolored rings, are trademarked under U.S. law.