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Press Guidelines

Guidelines for Press Requirements at Major International Events

Without media coverage, sport cannot survive. Good coverage in media is, therefore, a common interest for the organizer as well as for the accredited press. The basis for this is a good press service, which means good working facilities for the media to enable them to carry out their job to the best of their ability. The guidelines for major international events which follow were originally worked out by the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists (IAEJ) and were adopted by the FEI in 1976.

The IAEJ was founded in 1966 and revised its statutes in 1974. It now has over 200 members on all continents. The IAEJ nominates an experienced journalist member and a photographer member as delegates to each major event. The names of the delegates are communicated to the organizers. They should be consulted by the organizer on the press arrangements. The organizer and the delegates should come together at least one month before the event to discuss the numbers of press seats, press working places, numbers of telephones and faxes, photographers arrangements etc.

The level of requirements will vary according to the level of event, but the basics remain the same. The time table is of importance for media coverage. The IAEJ journalist delegate should be consulted on the show’s schedule to give input on what would be best for media coverage. For an indoor event, the IAEJ photographer should be consulted on the quality of the lighting.

Please download the latest version of the Press Guidelines here. (PDF)