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IAEJ Bureau Members 2014-2018


Pamela Young (GBR) –

Vice President

Gabriele Pochhammer (GER) –


Jennifer Anstey (CAN) -


Louise Parkes (IRE) –

Photographer’s Representatative

Susan Stickle (USA) –


Pascal Renauldon (FRA) –

Kim MacMillan (USA) –




National Delegates

AUSTRALIA Anna Sharpley
AUSTRIA Renate Schmid;
CANADA Jennifer Ward
FRANCE Pascal Renaldon
Xavier Libbrecht
GERMANY Gabriele Mohrmann-Pochammer
Kim Kreling
GREAT BRITAIN Gillian Newsum
NETHERLANDS Jacob Melissen
Claartje van Andel
IRELAND Paul Nolan
ITALY Caterina Vagnozzi
JAPAN Tokiko Okubo
MEXICO Eduardo Tame
NEW ZEALAND Joan Gilchrist
PORTUGAL Maria Margarida Ferreira Neves
SCANDINAVIA Lotta Amnestal
SPAIN Candela Milán Dopico
Luis Poncela
SWITZERLAND Georges Zehnder (for CSI-W Geneva);
UNITED STATES Nancy Jaffer (East)
Tish Quirk (West)
Diana DeRosa

IAEJ Members