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European Championships Rotterdam – Media Update

From IAEJ delegate Claartje van Andel This week I brought a visit to the new build venue of Rotterdam for the EC dressage and the week after that CHIO. An incredible lot of work has been done! I was very impressed as you might have read on Facebook or twitter. As always now they need […]

IAEJ Summer Newletter

Dear Members, The IAEJ has been quite productive and proactive since the beginning of the year. Following up on Mark Wentein’s suggestion made at the General Assembly during the WEG in Kentucky last October, we approached the FEI about free subscriptions to FEI TV for IAEJ members. At a meeting with Grania Willis, director of […]

IAEJ Leipzig Party Photos

  Jan Toenjes, Julia Rau and Kim Kreling Susanne Hennig and Dieter Ludwig Tokiko Okubo, Milky Kora and Chikako Okazaki Jennifer Anstey

IAEJ Party In Leipzig

The IAEJ Bureau organised an evening reception for members and guests during the World Cup Finals in Leipzig, Germany. Around 50 enjoyed the IAEJ’s hospitality, including our special guests from Rolex, Anthony Schaub and Magli Dubois Vaucher, Rod Kohler and Tim Welland of Revolution Sports and John Roche and Grania Willis from the FEI. IAEJ […]

Getty Images and the FEI

After receiving several notes of concern from members about the FEI commissioning Getty to provide images from Leipzig the president asked Grania Willis of the FEI to provide an explanation for this development. The following is her response for which we are grateful.    “From the outset, let me make it clear that the FEI […]