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IAEJ Mandate

The International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists (IAEJ) was created in 1966 to promote and maintain contacts among the equestrian journalists of all nations and as a body connected with the FEI, to discuss problems in which the FEI and the equestrian press are both involved.


The IAEJ groups the professional equestrian media, including all current and future new media, in charge of regular coverage of all aspects of FEI sports. Its aim is to serve the prestige of the equestrian press and to help create a good climate between journalists on the one hand, and between all individuals, groups and organizations in these equestrian sports, on the other hand.

The IAEJ especially tries to improve the working conditions of journalists covering such competitions and seeks to comply with the regulations of the International Association of the Sports Press (AIPS). The IAEJ works closely with the FEI through the Media Advisory Committee. The president of the IAEJ is the Chairman of the Media Advisory Committee.


The IAEJ consists of The General Assembly and The Bureau

The General Assembly

The General Assembly has at least one meeting a year. The place, date and time are decided by the Bureau. In principle, it takes place at the show holding the most important event of the year (Olympic Games, World or European Jumping Championships). The General Assembly receives the reports of the President, the Treasurer and the accounting auditors, and settles the amount of the membership fees. Every four years, there will be an election on the composition of the Bureau. The General Assembly agrees to possible alterations of the statutes which may be presented. All decisions are made by a simple majority of present members. A majority of two-thirds of present members is required for statute alterations. For all decisions involving the existence of the IAEJ, the General Assembly will organize a vote of members, conducted by correspondence.

The Bureau

The Bureau consists of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and four members. Of these seven, one must be from North America, one from Europe, and one has to be a photographer. The members of the Bureau are elected for a four-year term. A Bureau member can succeed himself in office for two terms only. The Bureau is in charge of all current matters. It designates the IAEJ delegates to international competitions and decides on acceptance of new members.

To view the composition of the Current Bureau please see Members Directory


Statement of Purpose

The IAEJ was formed to improve working conditions for the media at equestrian tournaments, further the communications between the FEI and the media, and provide a forum through which show organizers, sponsors, competitors and the media can communicate with each other. It does not act as a job bank that provides work for members; nor does it provide accreditation. Most major tournaments use an IAEJ mailing list to send out accreditation forms, but it is up to each member to fill them in and return them to the tournament media office on their own. While the IAEJ disseminates information on Olympic games accreditation and works with the NFs, IOC and FEI to ensure there will be spaces for equestrian specialists on the media roster, it is each journalists’s responsibility to make their own personal arrangements for accreditation with their National Olympic Committee. IAEJ candidates must be involved with international, not strictly national events in the FEI disciplines and work at a high standard in order to be accepted into the organization, a process that requires the approval of their peers.